Spotswood Football Club

Club Policies

SFC Policies

The primary aim of the Spotswood Football Club Inc. (SFC), is to ‘develop and support our people to be the best they can be’, which is further detailed in our Mission Statement.

The SFC is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all and strengthening the good reputation of Australian rules football, the WRFL football competition and the SFC within the community.

We are a family club that encourages the active involvement of all our members, spouses, children, friends and sponsors through participation and support of both on-field and off-field activities and functions.

The SFC, including its Directors, Committee Members, Administrative Officials, Coaches, Support Staff, Volunteers, Members and Players will meet the behavioural and conduct requirements contained in the Code of Conduct.

Further to approving our Code of Conduct, the SFC Board Directors and Committee have developed and approved a range of additional ‘Policies’ which define and detail the clubs expectations with regards to the following subject areas:

The SFC Board Directors and Committee will develop and approve additional ‘Policies’ as required, please take the time to become familiar with all these documents.

As part of the clubs continuous performance improvement program, the SFC has developed an extensive suite of Plans, Procedures and Position Descriptions to meet the requirements of the WRFL and AFL Club Management Program. The SFC is also a member of the Good Sports and Auskick Programs.



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