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Woodsmen have a ball

With the club’s 90th anniversary dinner ball that evening, the Woodsmen took the field against Werribee on Saturday looking to enjoy the day a little more than most.

While the plans during the day firmly rested with the 2pm timeslot, the Woodsmen appeared to kick start their dancing shoes early with a convincing display over their rivals the Tigers.

Always a tough contest when playing in Werribee, the Woodsmen were met with an initial fight that saw the first quarter split with a 1-point lead to the Tigers – despite some chances. The game was being played at a frenetic pace as both sides looked to gain dominance.

The second term was met with much of the same intensity, as Woodsmen Tom Langlands, Nayef Hamad and Gareth Newton charged their teams along with some electrifying play.


Langlands, aptly nicknamed ‘Motor’, was simply relentless in his pursuit of the football in the first half, grinding his opponents down in a typical performance for the number 2. Despite the heavy workload, Langlands appeared to not tire out at all, which would have been truly disheartening for any opponent as he racked up disposals at will.

Newton, in his first season in the green and gold, was providing plenty of run from the back half – taking the game on and applying even more pressure to the opposition.

Late in the second quarter, the Woodsmen continued to ramp up their effort, and as the siren sounded they were still full of run.

After the main break, with the game only divided by an 11-point buffer in favour of Spotswood, there was no skerrick of complacency that had crept in like it had the week before against Hoppers Crossing.

Mindful of not giving the opposition any chances, the Woodsmen incredibly took their intensity to another level in the second half, bagging 4 goals in the third and a whopping 9 in the last.

Like a politician discussing global warming, there was absolutely nothing stopping Nayef Hamad in the final term as he ran rings around the opposition in exhilarating fashion. With his pure speed and fancy footwork, Hamad passed opposition and teammates as if they were standing still – such was the display the youngster put in as the game continued on.

Another young gun in Charles Bettiol was the danger man up forward, snagging six goals in a terrific display of strong marking and accurate kicking.

The game was a perfect lead in to the event that followed, which was a night of appreciation to the great club that is Spotswood.

Without going into full detail, the night celebrated the continually brilliant efforts of this great club, and its rich history on and off the field. Highlighted amongst this was the clubs’ efforts in creating its own destiny through its outstanding junior programs and development of the community.

Of the six players named in the best against Werribee, five had played juniors for the club, just one of the many examples of the quality of the club’s operation.

Final score: Spotswood 21.15.141 def Werribee 7.11.53

Goals: C. Bettiol 6, N. Hamad 3, S. Tippett 2, L. Fairley, D. Callard, T. Langlands, M. Boyd, C. Lynch, J. Norton, G. Newton, N. Ryan, J. Bennett, B. Walshe

Best: T. Langlands, N. Hamad , G. Newton, C. Bettiol, J. Norton, N. Ryan


Flat day for Woodsmen

The sunny conditions did little to inspire the Woodsmen to victory over Werribee in the reserves action on Saturday, with the side overrun by a quality Tigers outfit.

A best on ground display by Shane Johnston was worth watching, as the defender seemingly picked up disposals at will and delivered with his lethal left boot. Johnston has played some quality games this season, but perhaps Saturday was his best individual effort over four-quarters.

Andy Hinds was also in the thick of the action, as was SPENCER Davis, but their efforts were quelled by the Tigers who had answers for every move the Woodsmen made.

The highlight of the day was of the controversial variety, with Shaun Buttigieg-Clarke palming off an opposition player, burning past another and then nailing a goal from 40m out on the boundary – only to have the ball called back for out of bounds.

Buttigieg-Clarke was also prevented from a second goal just minutes later, summing up the afternoon for the Woodsmen.

Final score: Spotswood 4.7.31 def by Werribee 11.9.75

Goals: B. MacDONALD, S. Davis, J. Orchard, N. Aidonis

Best: S. Johnston, A. Hinds, S. Davis, N. Aidonis, N. Terry, L. Greenwood


Wayward Woodsmen

Wayward kicking cost the Woodsmen their chances in staying in the game against arch-rivals Werribee on Saturday morning.

Brodie Coots-Majer was best afield for a competitive Spotswood outfit, who rued their opportunities in front of goal – kicking four goals and 11 behinds for the day.

Coots-Majer was everywhere for the Woodsmen, as was Jack Matthew Kessegian, who in only his third game for the club was named in the best for a second time.

The long-kicking Jordan Boyd also stood tall for the Woodsmen, with his well-timed and accurate boot out of defence clearing several hairy situation.

Final score: Spotswood 4.11.35 def by Werribee 11.10.76

Goals: J. Waters 2, Z. Busuttil, P. O’Keefe

Best: B. Coots-Majer, J. Kessegian, J. Davis, T. Kopa, D. Wilson, J. Boyd




The Spotswood Football Club would like to apologise for not creating match-reports for our Rd 7 clash with Hoppers Crossing, please see a brief description of the games below.


The Woodsmen were felled by a quality opposition, who were simply too strong all over the ground on the day.

Hoppers Crossing proved why they have been one of the top 2 sides for the past three seasons with a clinical display, beating the Woodsmen in effort and intensity.

The Woodsmen had very few highlights, however Tom Langlands was insurmountable through the midfield. Without his efforts, the scoreline could have been much worse.

Final score:  Spotswood 6.7.43 def by Hoppers Crossing 12.14.86

Goals: T. Langlands 2, C. Bettiol, M. Kinsella, W. Patak, J. Norton

Best: T. Langlands, N. Hamad , L. Fairley, M. Boyd, C. Lynch, S. Davis



A strong start by the Woodsmen was not sustained as Hoppers ran away clear winners in this contest. A relentless final term saw the Hoppers pile on 5 goals to 0, despite there being just an 11-point buffer at three quarter time.

Jeremy Cross was the Woodsmen’s best, along with Jack Cairns and Zach Del Grosso.

Final score: Spotswood 5.10.40 def by Hoppers Crossing 13.12.90

Goals: S. Buttigieg-Clarke 2, S. Davis, J. Cairns, M. McLean

Best: J. Cross, J. Cairns, Z. Del Grosso, S. Davis, J. Worthing, M. McLean

Under 19s

A tight game with a tough finish, the Woodsmen were in front the entire afternoon – until a late flurry of two goals sealed victory for Hoppers.

A bitter pill to swallow, but a terrific contested game of football.

Final score: Spotswood 7.8.50 def by Hoppers Crossing 7.10.52

Goals: J. Waters 5, T. Barnes, J. Drage

Best: D. Wilson, T. Kopa, T. Barnes, J. Boyd, J. Drage, J. Waters


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